If I’ve learned anything running my own real estate business, I’ve learned that nothing happens by accident and the amount of time, consistency, and effort you put it will correlate to your success. I’ve also learned that just because someone is running a business, doesn’t mean they are good at it. You are probably asking yourself what makes Charlie Cummings the expert on evaluating my success in business. My response is that I am very outspoken and transparent, regardless of my relationship with you, and will give you the cold, hard truth despite what others may tell you. I also analyze real estate and business deals daily, so I have a pretty good understanding of the pain points from starting, growing, and operating a business and continually growing my knowledge bank with my extensive network of power partners and clients throughout the US.

  1. Be Responsive! This is the first and foremost failure I see with all types of businesses, especially in real estate. I see people lose customers all the time either because they have no systems in place or time to respond to leads and thus executive deals. You want to end up on my “NEVER CONTACT LIST,” DON’T GHOST. Let me repeat that, ghosting is the most disrespectful habit you can do so always follow up even if you don’t have any updates to deliver.
  2. Leverage Your Networks. Shift your mindset to provide the best solutions and options to your client by leveraging your existing networks. So, if you can’t personally help a prospect – find someone that can. You will never be top of mind with objections or no responses.
  3. Be Passionate. I understand that not everyone can have that Rockstar personality, but if you are not enjoying what you do – everyone will sense it. Start your meetings with a sense of humor and put people at ease so they feel comfortable to build a relationship with you.
  4. Operate with Transparency. What do you think of business that hide their fees or lock you into contracts you are not aware of – this is a good way to never retain a client. Ensure that you have a chance to talk business at some point regarding your fees, terms, and anything else that is relevant early on.
  5. Undersell and Overdeliver. This was the foundation of Southwest Airlines as they only offered a no frills, point to point product. However, they empowered their staff and built a product that is synonymous with the best customer service in the industry. Don’t ever overpromise to your prospects, clients, or vendors.
  6. Be Inspirational. We all gravitate toward people who we can learn and grow from on both a personal and professional level. Be mindful of the advice and wisdom you provide to others on a regular basis and look to lead others in the virtues that you possess.
  7. Display Winning Confidence. I don’t just tell people that I am the best commercial realtor in Colorado – I act like it by striving for improvement each day. This is a business that will eat you alive if you don’t show up ready to play. Other businesses will fall if their customers sense they don’t know what they are doing. Prepare mentally to truly believe you are the VERY BEST.
  8. Practice Discipline. One of the hardest aspects of being an entrepreneur is you must be your toughest critic. Sure – you can hire coaches and accountability partners, but you need to find the discipline to strategically and mentally overcome adversity and rejection. Remember – rejections keep your on your feet and focuses on ways for improvement if you are awakened to the lessons at hand.